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Home Based Business – Number 1 Rule to Stick With Your Home Business Opportunity

Remember the first time you met someone, and whether or not that person attracted you; did something trigger an interest? Did you want to know more about him or her, spend more time to share common things, learn more from them because they had an expertise? Well, the same takes place when finding new things and activities in general. It actually happens more often than you think, so let’s take a closer look from two different perspectives.When it relates to individuals, and whenever there’s chemistry, feelings show spontaneously and there is some sort of attraction. It doesn’t have to be love at first sight, because you may be attracted at a different level, e.g. intellectual or spiritual; but for the sake of this article I’ll stick with the emotional level.You sense good feelings being around this person, and you really have an honest and genuine interest for knowing this person better, so you go ahead and schedule another date.

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After the second date takes place your mind starts listing things that really make you feel comfortable about being around this person. You exchange a few ideas and you develop more interest towards him or her. Later you get to know each other better and you decide to present this person to your natural circles like; relatives, friends, coworkers, etc. From this point on, it will be all about building trust and bonding together, connecting and falling in love.Looking from the other perspective, when it comes to things and activities, whether it is something material, a business, a hobby, or something else, you may also feel some sort of attraction at first. So you go ahead and explore; you try it, you look at it, you analyze it and you sense good feelings about it.You express honest and natural interest for obtaining this new thing or for engaging in that new activity, but you want to know more about it. Your instinct sends you positive signals, so in your mind, you decide to give it another thought.The second time you take a look at this new thing, you repeat the process of exploring it, trying it, looking at it left and right, up and down until you feel more comfortable. You probably make a few comparisons, and you develop more interest towards it. So, you decide to buy the good or engage in your new activity, and you share it with your circles of influence. Finally, you establish a connection, and you fall in love in the process.

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These concepts have been part of conversations and personal experiences I’ve had in the past, and several of those times there were questions about: how did you end up with…? I have come to a simple conclusion that there is something beyond our desires that motivates our dos and haves. That something is Love! In other words the number 1 rule to stick with your home business opportunity is to fall in love with it!Not long ago I approached an internet home business opportunity following these same steps, and made a smart choice analyzing it thoroughly a few times. Consequently I built trust and fell in love with it.  Now, we are bonded together. You can make it happen too.